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Yellen: "Economy of the US is winning strength"

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Remember to point out any gramatical or spelling mistakes I made, please! Tips are welcome, too!

The American economy wins strength this year. That was said by Janet Yellen, who follows Ben Bernanke up as president of the Fed end January, in a interview with Time Magazine.

"The most of my collegues in the budget deciding committe and I are hopeful that the number before the comma a 3 instead of 2 is," thus Yellen. She marked the recovery thusfar "frustratingly slow", but she also said that progress is being made on the job market and that the inflation is moving towards the goal of 2 percent on the long term.

Yellen denies that the Fed solely helps the rich with the monthly aid in the article. "Our goal is to keep the long term rent low. That builds up to the recovery, because consumptive investments are boosted."

A part of the aid ends up in the growing house prices and the stocks. According Yellen the house- and stock owners will spend more as a result of that, which then leads to more jobs. The govnerment profits from that on her turn due to the increased tax income.

Yellen named her prior priority the decreasing of the unemployment rate. She would like to see that the consumption power of the American consuments increase. Their spendings are good for about 70 percent of the American economy.

The edition of Time Magazine, in which the whole interview is publiced, appears on Monday 20 January.

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Yeah. Unfortunately, rich stock owners benefit the MOST from her policies.

Also, Keynesian economic bubbles eventually burst. I wish she could tapper down spending and leave it to the free market.

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