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Emerging markets are losing grip whilst the US and EU keep taking steps upwards.

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The amount of unemployed in the eurozone decreases further. 129k unemployed less, but it's not yet enough to make the unemployment rate percentage budge. It stubbornly stays at 12%, which is nearly the same as December 2012 - 11.9%. Last year, the Greek, Cypriotic and Dutch unemployment rates increased at the highest pace. Best decreases were presented by Ireland, and Latvia Portugal.

Here's a figure of Markit with all unemployment rates of Europe, the US, UK, Iceland and Norway:
And here's one of the youth unemployment rates:

The inflation in the eurozone has decreased by a little once again. It now stands at 0.7%. The decrease of inflation makes economists worried about possible deflation. UK: 2.0%, Japan 1.6%, US 1.5%, Canada 1.2%, Germany 1.2%, France 0.8%, Italy 0.7% and Netherlands 1.8%.

The Russian economy has grown with 1.3%. The lowest number since 2009. The Turkish, Brazilian, Argetinian and Chinese economies are also contracting. This is due to the FED's tapering. The money of the FED partly goes to those [upcoming] economies, and now that it's being reduced, it'll have an impact.

Greek shop sales have increased with 2.9%, making it the first growth since 2010.

A slight decrease of the American consumer trust: 81.2 from 82.5

Chicago industrial pmi turned out to be 59.6 for last month, taking a step down from the earlier 60.8.

The Dutch housing market has, for the fifth time in a row, sold more houses. 12k, to be precise. Not to mention that the amount of people taking a peak has also increased a lot (20k).

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