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Welcome to Ontario, the most corrupt province in Canada!

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Ontario's liberal government has been the most corrupt government in Ontario history, possibly the most corrupt in Canadian history. Not only this, they are economically irresponsible, they have terrible public figures and they keep hiking taxes.

First of all, before the Liberals came to power in Ontario, we had a Progressive Conservative government with premier Mike Harris. Mike Harris cut welfare spending and instead introduced workfare, where you do community service in order to get your welfare. Following this, there was a dramatic reduction in welfare/workfare participants. He kept us a surplus and by the end of his term we had an unemployment rate around 5%. Today we have a debt of half our GDP and an unemployment rate of 7.2%. We are, for the first time, considered a have-not province, despite being the most economically prosperous province in the country for the past century.

Second of all, the school sex-ed curriculum is disgusting. It was supposed to teach sex-ed to kindergarten students and the minister of education who designed it is now in prison for child pornography. His partner in designing it is now our premier.

Third of all, our province is obsessed with wind energy. Energy prices have skyrocketed since the liberals brought in their new "clean" energy policy. We do not have enough energy to power all of Ontario at all times, so it is encouraged to do your laundry "at night" now so that there isn't an overload. We have perfectly good nuclear power at our disposal, but instead we waste money on wind mills that don't produce enough energy.

Lastly, and by far the worst, the government spent $1.1 billion to move gas plants away from two ridings in order to get votes and donations in the most recent elections. They stole $1.1 billion from the taxpayers in order to buy an election. To pay for this, they are raising the price of water by 200% over the next 5 years. They attempted to cover this up for a long time. They have committed fraud, have taken bribes and are overall corrupt. It is a shame that this government has been elected three times now.

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