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Phoenician Blood Endures 3,000 Years, DNA Study Shows

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Ancient maritime traders of the Near East may have left behind a large genetic footprint in the region, where 1 in 17 men still harbors Phoenician DNA, according to a new study.

The findings could fill a gap in the history of the Phoenician civilization, which originated two to three thousand years ago in the eastern Mediterranean—in what is now Lebanon and Syria—and included prominent traders, according to Chris Tyler-Smith, lead author and associate researcher at National Geographic Society's Genographic Project. (The National Geographic Society owns National Geographic News.)

Tyler-Smith and colleagues used historic and archeological records, along with information from DNA samples.

The research team analyzed the Y chromosome of 1,330 men from historic Phoenician trading centers in the Mediterranean regions of Syria, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Cyprus, and Malta.

Unlike mitochondrial DNA—which is passed down from mothers—the Y chromosome, passed down by fathers, is thought to provide more detailed genetic information.

Analyses of the Y chromosomal data revealed the presence of at least seven related genetic lineages from places around the Mediterranean Sea where Phoenicians had lived.

These lineages suggest that the Phoenicians contributed their genes to at least six percent of the modern populations of historic Phoenician trading outposts.


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cyprus is pure phoenican clayy1!!!!

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What did Phoenicians look like?

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Werton34 wrote:What did Phoenicians look like?

Well it's hard to say since the modern population of Lebanon has also been genetically tested and revealed among Christian and a lot of the convert populations their Y-Markers actually come from Crusading countries like France which explains why some of them look like middle eastern french people.

Here is a bas relief of some Phoenicians
they look a lot like the Mesopotamians so maybe like this

Assyrian from Iraq fighting in Syria

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