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Stanley Fischer has been nominated as vice-president for the Fed, Germany keeps AAA-rating and more.

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I didn't post links, because I can't post them on this moment anyways. That is if I don't put many spaces in between them. Not to mention that I assume nobody will check them out anyways, and if you are, then you'll need to use google translate (or whatever) to translate it..

Economy of the Eurozone better in the third quarter. The economy of the Eurozone has prestated a little better than expected in the third quarter. The economy shrunk with 0.3 percent in the period of Jule to September. Early procastinations claimed 0.4 percent.

The big market supplies in the US rose with 0.5 percent on month basis in November. Economists predicted 0.4 percent. The sales stepped with a percent upwards. The average economists were also wrong with this number, averagely expected was 0.7.

The job growth/employment in the US has grown further in December, but with a lot less than expected. 74k jobs were added, but expected was 197k. Contrary to that, the unemployment rate decreased further with 3 base points, from 7 to 6.7 percent.

The Chinese trading surpasses the US'. China imported and exported 4.2 trillion dollars worth of goods, whilst the US did the same for 3.6 trillion dollars. These numbers come from the first 11 months of the previous year, and it looks unlikely that the US will fill up the hole in December.

S&P keeps the AAA-rating for Germany.

Stanley Fischer has been nominated as the vice-president of the Fed.

The French and Spanish industries are progressing. In contrast to a year earlier, the French industry produced 1.5 percent more and the Spanish industrial production increased with 2.7 percent. The Dutch industry took the same path with an increase of 0.4 percent.

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