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How long till marijuana becomes completely legal in the U.S?

Should marijuana be legal?

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30% 30% [ 3 ]
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Marijuana companies already in Colorado sold 1 million USD on the 1st day.
Marijuana is in a high demand in Colorado and shops cannot keep up with the millions of orders.
I am pretty sure the capitalist economic pillars of the U.S.A have gone crazy with these statistics. How long till the USA completely forgets the human impact marijuana has and completely legalize it for economical reasons? You cannot really stop underage people into illegally getting marijuana in their hands. Marijuana has proven to be very harmful for teenagers as it damages their brain on a larger scale than adults.

Consequences of Marijuana use:
Consequences of Increased Use
Marijuana has several well-studied—if poorly presented—effects on public health and safety.

“The public is largely misinformed about the health and behavioral effects of marijuana,” says Roger Roffman, D.S.W., a professor emeritus in the School of Social Work at the University of Washington and author of the forthcoming book Marijuana Nation. “There are an awful lot of people who simply don’t know what science knows about marijuana.”

Key among these is that marijuana is addictive. According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, estimates suggest that one in nine users become addicted to marijuana. For people who start using as teenagers, this increases to one in six.

“While marijuana dependence is not life-threatening,” says Roffman, “it can result in very serious adverse consequences for an individual in terms of their functioning in school, at work, in relationships. In addition, the compulsive use of marijuana—very heavy use—can have an adverse effect on cognitive functioning.”

Teenagers, in particular, are susceptible to the negative effects of marijuana because parts of their brain—such as the prefrontal cortex—are still developing. People who start using marijuana as teens are “potentially at risk of losing IQ points because of an interference in normal brain development that occurs in the teenage years,” says Roffman.

Another potential effect of marijuana legalization is an increase in the number of people driving while high. While marijuana use by drivers is not as dangerous as alcohol use, pot and cars still don’t mix.

“Being high and driving increases the risk of accidents,” says Roffman, “in part because of the effects on the driver’s motor performance, perception, and concentration.”

Other health effects of marijuana include an increased risk of heart attack and stroke for adults with cardiovascular disease and acute psychotic episodes in people with a history of schizophrenia.

As for the long-term effects of marijuana use, major studies have so far failed to address that question.

“We don’t know what the long-term effects of marijuana use are,” says Reuter, “and there’s clearly going to be an increase in the number of people who use marijuana on a regular basis, over a period of years.”

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I think its wholly wrong that it is legal anywhere

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I don't think smoking weed is a good idea, but that doesn't mean others shouldn't be allowed to. Cigars are much worse and legal

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It's a shame that America has come to this. These liberals make me sick to the stomach.

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I isn't liberals, it is people who believe in liberty and freedom. You have the freedom to screw up your own life, the government isn't there to be mommy and discipline your personal actions, it is there to protect your rights (such as the right to get high) and liberties as well as protect you from violence and fraud committed by others.

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You know what, Kentucky, you're absolutely right. We have to clean up the gene pool somehow. Maybe we can finally kill off the filthy people who do this stuff. Like, seriously, they knew what was coming to them when they learnt it in health class in school. We can make it even better by denying healthcare to marijuana users.

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Legalize it and Tax it

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Don't heavily tax it, just let people buy it. It is an item like anything else.

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I say that if there's going to be a welfare state, the best things to tax for it are the unneeded "luxury" items, like this.

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History0 wrote:I say that if there's going to be a welfare state, the best things to tax for it are the unneeded "luxury" items, like this.
We don't need a welfare state.

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That's just like, your opinion, man.

Even without it, there are still a few things to pay for, and I'd prefer taxing this crap instead of every person.

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Increase taxation on processed foods and intoxicating/ narcotic consumables and legalise the use of more of these substances, cut taxes on raw ingredients.

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Yobobo wrote:Increase taxation on processed foods and intoxicating/ narcotic consumables and legalise the use of more of these substances, cut taxes on raw ingredients.

Yobobo! Once again, I agree with you completely.

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