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This kid flipped out in my german class yesterday

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Out of nowhere he just slams his fist against his school laptop and slams it against the ground. His brother got send out earlier for yelling "what the fuck" at the start of class and then 20 minutes later the laptop got
smashed. It freaked me out the first time he hit his laptop because I was turned around and all of a sudden I just hear this loud "boom" noise. This kid must have some serious anger issues because he has only been here 3 weeks and has gone though 3 laptops (Not including this one)

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German class. 4 laptops to waste. Anger issues.

I think we all know where this is leading to.

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So WWC has turned into a gossip forum...


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One cannot always be serious, one cannot always be not serious.

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No, not always, but this is now a large part of the posts.

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You're right. But instead of complaining, we can all colaberate to find a solution.

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Oh my god, I was down the hall. What I would have given to see that.

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