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Does something so embarrassing you want to kill everybody that saw it happen to you?

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Alright so this happened last Friday:

5th hour

we get a sub.

Everyone's pretty sure he's deaf, has to look at someone to respond to them, talks weird, reads like a 5th grader.

So after 30 minutes he tells us we can listen to music.

Get out my head phones and put on some youtube video that is talking based.

The guy is really fucking quiet, have to turn it up.

All the way up.

After six minutes the video ends, class is still going normally.

Put on the sailor moon theme, one of my weeaboo friends tried to get me into anime, I still don't like it but I really like the theme.

So I press play, and turn my phone over face down.

I put it on, before it starts I get a 10% warning. So, I have to turn over my phone and dismiss it, and play the video.

Seems like its playing normally, even though it should be blasting since I had it at full volume.

Get back to my work until the theme ends.

Look up, entire class looking at me and giggling and shit.

My fucking headphones where unplugged for the full 1:30 theme.

It was so loud that I thought I had it plugged in to my ears.

Sub is just grading papers and shit.

Work for 15 more awkward minutes.

I've been losing sleep thinking about this.

Here's the theme by the way:

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I really hope the anime kids don't try to talk to me now, that's my worst fear.

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Nothing embarrassing has happened to me for a while.

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To me neither Very Happy

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Signaal2 wrote:Nothing embarrassing has happened to me for a while.

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