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Bout time I introduced yall to this shiznit

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1 Bout time I introduced yall to this shiznit on Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:00 pm

Gizoogle makes computer class fun again.

//gizoogle DOT ne

Translator is also more accurate than Google Translate. Exampes:
Egil's saga Chapter 1 Paragraph 1:
There was a man named Ulf, son of Bjalf, and Hallbera, daughter of Ulf the fearless; she was sister of Hallbjorn Half-giant in Hrafnista, and he the father of Kettle Hæing. Ulf was a man so tall and strong that none could match him, and in his youth he roved the seas as a freebooter. In fellowship with him was one Kari of Berdla, a man of renown for strength and daring; he was a Berserk. Ulf and he had one common purse, and were the dearest friends.

There was a playa named Ulf, lil hustla of Bjalf, n' Hallbera, daughter of Ulf tha fearless; dat biiiiatch was sista of Hallbjorn Half-giant up in Hrafnista, n' tha pimpin' muthafucka tha daddy of Kettle Hæing. Ulf was a playa so tall n' phat dat none could match him, n' up in his youth he roved tha seas as a gangbangin' freebooter n' shit. In fellowshizzle wit his ass was one Kari of Berdla, a playa of renown fo' strength n' daring; da thug was a Berserk. Ulf n' dat schmoooove muthafucka had one common purse, n' was tha dearest playas.

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